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Due to the highest demand in our history all rebuilds will take 15-20 days in shop plus shipping days TBD by your address. Thanks for your business, Dustin.

We have had many emails and calls since our story in MC2 that most of you that have used the other rebuilders have lost your "core fee" when units needed PTO gears. We remain the shop repairing and replacing gears in the lower 48. Don't risk your core fee with shops that can't do the whole job. Yes we buy cores. Email details with pics of your core to

All units now come with a 2 year warranty unlimited miles. Many of you have asked about "porting" the M45. We have tested this without any proof that it gives you any more power. If you'd like to waste $100.00 on "porting" let me know I'll be happy to do it.

Obsolete! Attention MINI Cooper S owners with cars built before July 2004. As of May 2012 your M45 is obsolete. The units made after 7/04 are also disappearing fast. Before you send your M45 to someone that can do it for less please understand that when it fails again you may not be able to rebuilt it a 2nd time? Some rebuilt units can't be rebuilt a 2nd time due to the damaged caused by the 1st rebuilder. Remember you are making an INVESTMENT in your car, invest wisely. As with all parts you can only have two of the following; Fast delivery, Great product or Low cost. Choose wisely.



The Best DIY M45 removal

Order Land Rover Part # LZN100220L from Lucky8 EBay store, if you don't find it there visit them at . AutoXCooper no longer sells this part. Please
order online from Lucky8, your local Land Rover Dealer or other vendors you
find online.

Page Updated as of Monday September 23, 2019

Water Pumps! If your replacing your water pump with M45, I trust you are, please send your
old water pump with M45. We have found that the fork gear in the pump can be
milled and used in the M45 for those that break them. Thanks Dustin

Since few people want to read the details below I have a list of FAQ's

How much? If the unit is not making noise budget $895.00 for basic rebuild, details below, up to $1300.00 if it's making noise.

How much is rotor coating? $150.00 Any unit we ship out on exchange is coated, details below, please add that to above prices.

How long to get one? 10-14 days business day after payment is the average as of today to ship bolt on ready unit to you. Details below.

How do you ship? USPS unless you want to risk shipping damage, details below.

Can you buy parts from us? We no longer sell parts due to no one being able to install them and causing more damage.

Bottom line if you plan to keep your MINI make the investment to fix the M45 right the 1st time or plan on selling it within days or send me your cheap rebuild within months.

Page Updated as of Monday September 23, 2019


The text on this page supersedes any content of the above video.

Our rebuild services and parts are backed with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty. Warranty does not include damage caused by incorrect installation, misuse, and application for which product is not designed. Warranty doesn't cover any issues related to the use of any aftermarket pulleys regardless of whom installed them. Extent of coverage is only determined by Shop Foreman. Shipping costs related to the transfer of items will always be the responsibility of the consumer. Damage assessments will be thorough and specific so that any cause of concern is addressed clearly and accurately. The scope of the warranty work required is based on this assessment. We will work closely with any customer who has items of concern to work to resolve them to reasonable satisfaction. The warranty is voided if the application of the product by the consumer was the root cause of an item's failure. We appreciate the opportunity to make right any issues that are our responsibility. If the failure is determined to be unrelated to our services rendered, we can often provide economical rescue repair services that can reclaim some superchargers after damage had occurred. We work very hard to provide the most cutting edge services and the best support for your technical needs. We are committed to taking care of our customers. Filing a claim with PayPal is NOT the 1st step of your Warranty and will only delay getting your issue resolved. The amount of Boost/PSI levels are not covered under warranty. There are many issues that impact boost/psi levels and most are not in our control. Our units make PSI within the factory specs. Boost levels change over time and if you are not happy with the limited levels of the M45 to make HP think about getting a Sprintex Booster

eBay and other Online rebuild SCAMS

No Up Front Core Charge!

MINI Cooper SuperchargerMINI Cooper Supercharger

With more MINI Cooper S owners keeping or buying high mileage R53’s the Eaton M45 Supercharger will need service sooner or later.

AutoXCooper has partnered with a proven Midwest Machine Shop with a long track record of supercharger service and able to meet our high standards.

If you have priced or had to replace your Supercharger you know the costs add up quickly.

We have found a better way to get you a “like New” supercharger without the high costs.

We can also rebuild the PTO, Cone and Coat the Rotors.

Since you won't be able to drive your MINI without the Supercharger we will have a completely rebuilt unit ready to shipout most of the time. That's right send us your SC and once we inspect and know we can use it to replace the unit in stock we'll ship out the replacement within 24 hrs. This reduces your downtime with a small investment in overnight shipping.

Email or call to check stock, pull yours this weekend, ship it Monday, we get it Tue/Wed, we inspect it, ship yours Tue/Wed/Thur, you have a bolt on ready SC on Friday.

What if you know your SC is not going to be a basic rebuild or you want “your” SC back. No worries we can still turn around most SC jobs in 5-7 days. We offer a Rescue & Repair Service for badly damaged superchargers. Note we can’t repair damaged body units. Just ship it into us we’ll inspect it and provide a full report with pictures of your SC and commit to a price to repair it.

Note about JCW Superchargers. The only diffecne in a JCW and any other M45 build in and after 2004 was the size of the pulley. Instead of following the aftermarket and replacing just the pulley from stock to the 11% JCW they replaced the whole unit with a pressed on pulley. Yes the coating also changed but it’s not special to JCW see below for more details about coating.

Some people and techs think it’s “better” to just run the M45 till it quits long after the noise of the PTO gears start. That is ONLY GOING TO COST YOU MORE MONEY along with the high risk of over heating your MOTOR since the M45 drives the water pump off the PTO gears. It just costs YOU more money to wait.


Supercharger Service Process Outline

Avg turnaround is 5-7 working days. Core exchanges are limited please email to ask about current stock level of cores ready to ship.

1. You may email or call to inquire about our services or just ship the unit to below address.

2. You ship your supercharger in for service. See below for details about how to ship.

By shipping your Supercharger to AXC/ESM to have declared YOUR
reading with FULL understanding of the service and details posted on our site.
Please watch the short video for better understanding of your M45.

AutoXCooper ESM
112 Country Club Parc Ct
Imperial, MO 63052


3. Calling to ask about your unit only SLOWS DOWN the rebuild for you and our other customers. Emails are best and returned within 24hrs. A ringing phone in a two man shop makes for a slower shop.

4. The supercharger is scheduled for disassembly. Most weeks this is the same or next day after received. The Shop Foreman will disassemble the supercharger. We email a detailed and itemized Work Order with necessary and optional services recommended by the Shop Foreman, based on his inspection of the supercharger. While rare there can be unforeseen issues with your supercharger, such as, unusual bearings or seals, stripped out threads and more. These will be identified immediately upon discovery and a price to repair will be included in any emails. These are often Rescue & Repair Services that must be determined by the supercharger's damage and can’t be anticipated. This means the Work Order will be updated to show these if they are discovered after the initial Work Order is provided and approved. These will be necessary services to return the supercharger to service.

5. You approve the Work Order by paying the PayPal invoice sent after the Work Order is sent. You don't need a PayPal acct to pay a PayPal invoice. Average cost is $950.00 for units that have PTO gear boxes with oil in them. If the PTO is dry the cost will be higher based on overall needs. The average cost to rebuild PTO gear boxes is $250.00 more. Keep in mind you are getting a much better unit back for less than the Dealers are selling them for with their old seals that caused you this issue in the 1st place.

6. Parts cleaning and precision parts inspection performed is build into the above prices. If you choose to not rebuild your M45 after we have cleaned and inspected it there will be a $250.00 charge to ship a box of parts back to you as is. We can't give you a clear work order without taking the unit apart. If you are not 100% sure you want us to rebuild it don't ship it to us. Time is money for us too.

7. If applicable, components will be prepared by outside specialists, including rotor and case coatings, (we keep coated rotors in stock) impellor balancing or gear manufacturing. We can’t influence the timeframe outside specialists will have. A request of return date is always made but will not be guaranteed. Final Assembly will begin when all components are cleaned, fixed or replaced, and returned from outside vendors. We service race teams and daily drivers who want and need their supercharger back right away. We are fair and reasonable about the order in which all the superchargers are serviced. If we are making or machining parts for your supercharger, it takes as long as it takes. We are a serious machine shop, with a high skill level. We will not rush because this is not in anyone's best interest.

8. Once the package is shipped, you will receive the tracking number, via email. This email will usually be sent within 12 hrs of shipping. If you do not receive one, please email us a request because we keep them in your file at the shop. Your emails will always be returned at our earliest opportunity.

9. Note about M45 exchange program and Shipping

The Eaton M45 Rebuild Service when no useable exchange is provided, there will be a PTO rebuild deposit (PTORD) of $500.00 along with the basic rebuild charge of $895.00. The PTORD charges can vary by supercharger model and are based on average current market value on e-Bay. Shipping cost to send in the core and for return of the re-manufactured supercharger are the customer's responsibility. The S&H cost will be calculated and added onto the overall cost of the services. Based on the need of YOUR M45 all or most of the PTORD will be refunded upon inspection of the M45. A used M45 must be provided clean and in a condition that can be rebuilt. We will not accept a core that has been painted. We will provide exact causes for any deductions in the PTORD refund. Email for more details if you have an M45 you have questions about. Shipping insurance is optional when the customer ships the M45 but, highly recommended because the supercharger can be damaged in transit. We are not responsible for uninsured or poorly packaged superchargers. Please pack carefully.

PTORD refunds will be made within 30 days of receiving your core. A detailed work order will be emailed to you. Your PTORB refund will be via a PayPal refund of your paid order. No checks or cash.

Your PTORD fee will be refunded based on the extra work YOUR M45 needs. That can't be known until we inspect it. Again it's rare to refund the whole PTORD fee and your PTORD fee will be refunded based on the extra work your unit needs. The $895.00 only covers basic rebuild of bearings and seals. If your PTO is low or out of oil your PTORD fee will not be refunded dollar for dollar your PTORD refund will be less than $500.00 we can't know how much less till we have your unit inspected. You will be sent a detailed report of your M45 extra costs along with any refund within the PayPal system.

There are two ways to ship UPS or USPS in the lower 48. We only ship USPS out of the lower 48. If YOU want to use UPS shipping YOU will be 100% responsible for any and all damage they cause to your unit and YOU will be the one filing claims and waiting for UPS to pay YOU! UPS is not good for heavy products that need to be cared for like glass. USPS is safest. UPS maybe faster but YOU will be taking 100% of the risk not AXC.

Here's the SAFEST way to get your SC to use without issue. ALL shipping companies have burned us at one time or another and often the SC will show up coming out of the BOX! Damage during shipping can cost hundreds more and getting paid on that damage is takes months.

Here’s the BEST way, clean it, box it up real good. Now put that box in a box with packing between the boxes. Use PAPER packing TAPE like this

 Tape ALL seems and edges of the box. Run down to the Post Office and tell them you have a compressor to ship and you want it sent Priority and Registered with value of $2500.00. Wait for the look of disapproval. They hate this service and here’s why. Your compressor is NOW going to be HAND carried person to person, office to office until we get it. And each person in the chain MUST sign off that the package is in good condition when they get it and hand it off. Yes it might take an extra day or two for shipping but NO other company will do what Priority Registered Service does and it’s not that much more than the others. You can also verify the date and time of delivery and the delivery attempts online.

*Always include a note with any package you ship to us. This will help to identify your supercharger and will prevent unnecessary delays. This note should contain the following basic information. We will call you when it arrives.

  • Your name
  • Your contact phone number(s) and emails. Please add to your safe list.
  • The return shipping address
  • A brief description of the supercharger (ie. Eaton M45)
  • It's vehicle application (ie. 200X MINI Cooper S)
  • Any details about what the blower needs or symptoms it is displaying.
  • Email address you have already contacted us from (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: When asked to declare the contents of the package for shipping insurance, describe your supercharger as a “compressor”. This will keep unnecessary attention by the unscrupulous to a minimum. Ideally, this will help keep your supercharger from disappearing in transit. We always recommend you insure your package for full replacement value. Pack well. You can never be too careful.

Please let me know if you have any question. Note in order to speed up the rebuild Wade/ESM will NOT take your calls or emails all info will be with Dustin at

What is done to the Supercharger?

M45 Supercharger Complete Rebuild Services. The rotor rebuild services include the replacement of ALL the seals with the best Viton double-lip spring seals. Bearings are replaced as needed with Nachi’. We then assemble the M45 to ensure proper clearances and precision rotor re-timing for optimum performance. Rotor Coating of the early M45’s is required at a small cost or if OEM coating is damaged.

We use Premium Viton double-lip spring seal for an excellent and inexpensive performance upgrade. This is especially important if you plan to run higher boost levels with your supercharger because the Viton seal can handle higher pressure and has a longer life than a standard seal.

If you are checking with other shops to rebuild your M45 be sure and ask them how they replace and then retain the “factory captive bearing/s and or seal/s”. Many shops will not remove a bearing that’s captive and if they do remove or replace it they use glue to hold it in. That glue will break down over time and may cause even more damage to the M45 case. We understand the temptation to save a few hundred dollars now, but that “savings” could end up costing you thousands more down the road.

To Coat or Not to Coat, Only if Needed

Maximize your supercharger’s performance potential by adding our High-Tech Coating to your rotors and or case. This special coating tightens up the case-to-rotor clearances. Yes, we are aware of the black coating on the Gen5 Eaton’s. It is a rubbery interference fit coating that wears in over time to establish the correct clearances for the rotors and case. Our coating is different than this. Ours is similar to the coating applied to piston skirts.

The coating on the JCW rotors and all M45’s from MINI starting in 2004 is more black in color than the earlier grey color. There are no clear cut performance gains one to another. If the coating is wearing off beyond the edges it’s time to recoat. Coating that is wore off is where it’s really doing it’s job. If the coating it coming off in large areas it’s time to recoat.

Compared to uncoated rotors, this special coating process significantly reduces metal-to-air heat-transfer. It also gives air a much smoother surface to pass over, creating less friction, thereby requiring less supercharger drive horsepower. That puts more horsepower to the wheels, where it belongs.

When we are preparing your supercharger for the coating process, we check the assembled supercharger's clearances first. Then we coat to achieve the correct clearances with our multi-layered dual coating process. After the rotors are coated, during reassembly, the rotors are set to optimum clearances related to your case. We can rebuild part or the entire supercharger, depending upon what is needed to bring it back to operating status. The rotor assembly will need to be rebuilt in order to coat the rotors.

There are two distinct coatings applied. The first coating is TLMB, a polymer for adhesion and wear-resistance. This coating will not scuff if the rotors make light contact at high RPM. The second coating is TLML, which is fused to the first coating. The second coating is slippery and will not gall. It provides a slick surface for the air to slide over to reduce friction and heat. The clearance between the rotor flutes and case tightens up because of the coating’s .005 thickness. Leakage is reduced, increasing the roots-type supercharger’s efficiency. Minor scratches can be rejuvenated with coating, as well.

No Core Charge Qualifications

For any of the Eaton Rebuild Services, when no usable core is provided, there will be a core charge. The core charges will vary by condition of supercharger. This core charge applies to the Snout Rebuild Services because the Snout and Rotor Pack are what makes up the Supercharger. A Snout provided alone must be the one to be rebuilt. Shipping cost to send in the core and for return of the re-manufactured supercharger is the customer’s responsibility. The S&H cost will be calculated and added to the overall cost of the services. If a core is provided by the customer after paying this charge, all or most of the core charge will be refunded upon inspection of the core. A used core must be provided clean and in good working condition that can be rebuilt. We will not accept a core that has been painted unless it has been stripped down to the base metal. We will provide exact causes for any deductions in core refund. An example of what would be a deductible condition would be rotor damage from a bolt or galled and scarred case from excessive bearing failure and neglect. Call for more details if you have a core that you have questions about. Shipping insurance is optional when the customer ships the core but, highly recommended because the supercharger can be damaged in transit. We can not be responsible for uninsured or poorly packaged superchargers. Please pack carefully.

eBay and other Online rebuild SCAMS

For years we have watched M45 rebuilders come and go. Good Machine shops that wanted to offer lower prices but just didn't understand the real cost or issues with the M45 for MINI Cooper S. The lastest of these companies is on eBay is really taking people for a ride, a short one, but still a ride. When you take time to review the below eBay listing and messages with a MINI owner looking for help you will find these key issues.

  1. They don't understand the issues with the M45. Saying that the PTO gears are the weak part is not true. The gears are fine when they don't run dry. It's seals in the PTO gear box that are the issue. Yet they won't tell you what kind of seals they use. Nor do they address how the PTO cover plate seal and bearing are held in place.

  2. They ONLY want oil in the front nose cone replaced between 500-1000 miles after install due to the new gears breaking-in. Well I have a few issues with that. The gears that get replace are the PTO gears and they are in the back. Removal of the M45 is needed to change that oil. If any of the oil needed to be replaced after 'break-in' it would be the PTO. Also note the gears in the front are not made of a metal, they are ABS plastic. Also note there are TWO gear boxes on the M45 that are not plumbed together nor are they any part of the engine oil system.

  3. If you can't prove that you did change the oil in the front nose cone the warranty is VOID! Also note there's a warranty it comes with it and there's one you can buy. Remember no warranty, not even ours, covers LABOR to replace it again, or the tow you may need, or the damage if you overheat your motor due to a failure of the rebuild M45 or a replacement car while your MINI is down again. A warrannty is best never needed. In over 3 years of rebuilding M45's we have never needed to warranty an M45 for internal issues and only one due to shipping damage. We rebuild to a 200,000 mile standard set by machine shops in the 70's.

  4. Be sure to see my video to understand more of the basic details of why our units cost more and how you get more.



AXC remains the leader in M45 rebuilds our friends at JM Turbo Coopers are the leaders in MINI Turbo service, replacement and upgrades.
Click on the link below for help with your Turbo Charged MINI.




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